Sessions Via Skype

Over the course of the past few years it’s become increasingly popular to have psychotherapy and coaching sessions online, via services like Skype.

While this option is not the best fit for everyone, it’s a solution that has benefited many people who used to have difficulty accessing services for various reasons.

Some people live in geographical locations that make it difficult for them to meet with a practitioner in person, others have physical and or psychological challenges that hinder their mobility, and others still travel so frequently for work that meeting in-person with regularity is simply not an option.

If any of these descriptions fit you, meeting via Skype (or over the phone) may be a good fit.

I personally have chosen to use Skype for virtual meetings because I find that it consistently offers the highest quality service, it’s user-friendly, and it’s the platform that most users are already familiar with.

With regard to privacy concerns, Skype is working toward having HIPAA-compliant software – although I’ve spoken with representatives for Microsoft/Skype directly and they have assured me that, in the meantime, the calls are completely encrypted; Microsoft/Skype also does not screen the calls or store the call-data. From that standpoint Skype offers complete privacy.

I personally have found that when both parties have a really strong internet connection (you can learn more about internet speed requirements here) that working via Skype is not in any way inferior to meeting in person. It is a little bit different, but it is not inferior, per se. I’ve had great experiences working with people this way.

If you have any further questions about whether meeting via Skype could be the right fit for you, I welcome you to reach out to me directly.

Please note that psychotherapy is only available in the state of California and certain, specific foreign territories. Otherwise coaching may be available depending upon your individual needs and goals.