I currently offer the following digital products:

How to Live Mindfully in the Digital Age ($59)

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17 unread emails. 8 new texts. A fresh batch of Instagrams to scroll through. The constant digital clutter that crowds your world can leave you stressed out and stretched too thin. For too many of us, the need to stay constantly connected and plugged in is negatively impacting our relationships, our productivity, and our happiness. It’s time for a “digital detox.”

In this online course, which I created in partnership with, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about why you should be more mindful of your relationship with technology, and how you can detach from it on your terms.

This thorough exploration includes 2 hours of streaming video, 5 audio meditation downloads, exercises to help relieve the impact from tech-overuse, tips for establishing boundaries with people who expect you to always be connected, and more.


When Change Takes Time, the eBook ($15)

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In a world that’s increasingly oriented toward instant gratification and quick results, to say that change takes time is like the dirty secret no one wants to talk about – but we all know it’s true: making progress in life is sometimes more difficult and time-consuming than we would like for it to be.

Many approaches to self help offer “quick fix,” generalized solutions that fail people on an individual level – but I believe that the solution to this impasse lies in personalized self-understanding.

When Change Takes Time is a 72-page, digital eBook that will guide through a process of self exploration, both helping you to understand why the change you want to see is harder to achieve than you’d like for it to be, and showing you how to overcome the internal challenges that are holding you back. Your purchase comes with access to a private Facebook group that I (Leslie Carr) personally oversee and manage.



Betabrand Yogi Cozi ($98)

Yogi Cozi (1)

From runners to basketball players, every athlete seems to have her own warm-up jacket – except for yogis! This came to mind one day when Leslie was feeling chilly on her yoga mat.

Thus, the Yogi Cozi was born: an ultra-soft performance fleece that’s moisture-wicking and odor-resistant. Now you can move effortlessly through your poses, from downward dog to trikonasana, without your sweatshirt sliding around or needing to be readjusted. After your last om, the Yogi Cozi is stylish enough to wear out for apres-yoga mimosas (or green drinks).

Made in San Francisco out of brushed-back fleece, this product contains one, zippered pocket for your bare essentials, and has an asymmetrical zipper for a more stylish look.