In a world that’s increasingly oriented toward instant gratification and quick results, to say that change takes time is like the dirty secret no one wants to talk about – but we all know it’s true: making progress in life is sometimes more difficult and time-consuming than we would like for it to be.

One reason this is true is because our personal transformation requires overcoming the decades of experience that have led us to be the person we already are – and this means wrestling with challenges that are completely unique to us. Unfortunately, however, many mass-produced approaches to growth rely on generalized methods that don’t fully account for us as individuals.

I believe that the solution to this impasse lies in personalized self-understanding. When we gain insight into the underlying forces behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can make new choices about what we want in life, and we can move forward.

When Change Takes Time is meant to help you unpack your own personal history so that you can create an approach to progress that’s individually catered to you. If you’re ready to purchase it now please click here.

How it works:

When Change Takes Time is a 72-page, digital eBook that’s broken down into four parts, each with its own section for journaling and exercises.

When Change Takes Time Leslie Carr
The content of the book is designed to help explain and explore how people become the way they are, and why we make the choices that we make.

Topics include:
  • The extraordinary impact that our relationships and life experiences have on how we see ourselves, other people, and the world
  • How our brain is wired by our individual histories – and why change takes time
  • The role that ambivalence plays in why change takes time – and how to overcome it
  • How fears of success or failure can keep us from making progress, and what’s underneath them
  • How we can overcome our histories and challenges
  • Additional resources to help you go further

When Change Takes Time is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that you can download and read on your desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. It is not a physical product, but you can print it yourself if you prefer to read on paper. Please click here to view our FAQ page if you have further questions about that. Purchasing the eBook grants you access to a private Facebook group at no additional charge, where I will be available to answer questions about the content of the book on a weekly basis. You’ll also be able to exchange ideas with fellow group members in a collaborative fashion.

What people are saying about When Change Takes Time:

“Leslie and I really relate as therapists with a holistic approach to creating tangible change. Unfortunately, there’s a pop-psychology/self-help tendency to promote a “quick fix” approach which rarely works long-term. I am so grateful for, and whole heartedly support, the depth and accuracy ofWhen Change Takes Time. We can’t always create the change we desire and become the person we want through sheer force of will. It often requires wrestling with our shadows and a deep, internal inquiry. If you’re struggling on your path, I cannot recommend this eBook enough!”

– Ashley Turner, MA/MFTI: Mind Body Psychotherapist, Author and Yoga-Meditation Instructor.

“Leslie is a soul sister of mine, and I have so much respect for this woman. If you’re struggling to become the person you want to be, you should totally read her book!”

– Gabrielle Bernstein: New York Times Best-Selling Author of May Cause Miracles.

“Any kind of major life change can be challenging, and many of us forget to be kind to ourselves in the process. Many people will benefit from my sister’s compassionate approach to personal growth. She’s been a guiding light in my life for many years, now she can be yours too.”

– Kris Carr: New York Times Best-Selling Author, Crazy Sexy Diet & Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

“As a fellow therapist and coach, I can assure you that Leslie’s advice is spot on. She has packed endless wisdom into this little book. If you’re feeling stuck and struggling to create the change you want to see in yourself and your life, I highly recommend you pick up a copy ASAP.”

– Terri Cole, LCSW: Licensed psychotherapist, Transformation Coach, Mentor.

“In When Change Takes Time, Leslie lays out a very gentle approach towards self-exploration. We all know what it’s like to want more out of life – and many of us know what it’s like to come up against internal messages and scripts that hold us back. As a mentor and coach, I highly recommend this little book.”

– Erin Stutland: Lifestyle and Fitness Expert, Magical Manifestor, and founder of

“As a financial coach, I understand all too well that people are often met with internal resistance on their path to change. The approach that Leslie has laid out in this book is invaluable! I hope that everyone who is struggling to achieve their dreams will read it.”

– Karie Hill: Creator of “Date Your Dollars.”

“Writing The Prescription for a healthy, happy life often requires facing what’s not working – and finding the courage to change it. Even when you know what needs to happen, fear and other obstacles often get in the way and threaten to keep you stuck. If you’re ready to get unstuck – and make change in a healthy, lasting way – Dr. Leslie Carr’s When Change Takes Time is a must-read.”

– Lissa Rankin, MD: New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, and blogger at

“I help people to create businesses and professional lives that they love, and I frequently encounter men and women who are hindered because of beliefs and fears that hold them back. What Leslie has done here is given everyone who is challenged in this way a path to freedom – I can’t recommend this eBook highly enough.”

– Suzannah Scully: Career Coach and Public Speaker.

“This book is fantastic! While it’s designed for someone who’s just beginning to look within, Leslie manages to simultaneously make it feel holistic and comprehensive in scope. She is knowledgeable and encouraging. Absolutely everyone can benefit from this insightful book.”

– Gini Martinez: Embodiment Teacher and founder of Rock What’s Yours.

“As a like-minded clinician, I am so glad that When Change Takes Time is out there. Dr. Carr sheds light on what makes us tick in a clear and insightful way, and the information she covers is valuable and accessible. I think everyone in my life would benefit from reading this book!”

– Tiffany McLain, MS, MFTI: Private Practice Psychotherapist.

Return Policy:

When Change Takes Time is a 72-page, downloadable, digital eBook. Please note that this is NOT a physical product and it will not be shipped to you. There are no returns and no refunds on this item. Please see our FAQ section if you would like more information.