You’re not weak, needy, or damaged.

You’re human.

Have thoughts and feelings? Ones you don’t always like? Congrats, you’re alive.

And for you, I’m willing to bet that those thoughts and feelings are louder than they are for the average person – because when you defy convention to pursue your art, you don’t just clock in. You create.

Your work isn’t just work, it’s an extension of your soul.

And when you bare your soul? Things are going to come up.

By ignoring those feelings, you’re missing out on a critical piece of information.

Yes, information – the clues that you need to follow in order to finally shed the part of you who:

  • Re-organizes the linen closet instead of calling back the casting director
  • Swings by the pastry aisle when all you wanted was almond milk
  • Writes the “Perfect Man” manifesto by candle light… but has yet to fill out your profile

You see, when you do things to stop yourself from living the life of your dreams, there’s a reason.

There’s always a reason.

And if you don’t understand how your past shapes the person you are today, you’ll keep (unconsciously) hitting the snooze button on the life that you’re really meant to be living.

While it might feel good to curl up on the couch with a good glass of cab while you watch “The Secret,” or to repeat affirmations while dabbing on your eye cream:

Thinking happy thoughts without understanding your unhappy thoughts is like planting a rose bush without digging.

Until you go deeper, nothing will bloom.

The good news is that those undesirable patterns can change when they’re no longer serving you.

The hard part? Seeing them for yourself.

It’s like asking a fish what water feels like. How can you possibly answer that when it’s all you’ve ever known?

That’s where I come in.

When you work with a healing professional who’s been educated in how to best nurture your growth, you have someone to take an inquisitive look at, and challenge, those patterns — free of judgment.

It’s like being handed the owner’s manual to your life.

Because when you get clear on why you do things, you have the opportunity to shift them.

All of a sudden, you’re not a servant to self-sabotage. You learn to stop second-guessing yourself. You realize that you have choices.

You’ve always heard the whisper of your intuition. Now it’s time to give it a megaphone.

There are two ways that I can support you:


You have a vision for your art, or your business. It’s your calling.

You know that the only way to “get it out there” is to put yourself out there – but that feels paralyzing when you feel most alive with a book, your work, or some quality, one-on-one conversation.

I understand.

While you may thrive in calmer settings, you know that the best way surge your work to the next level is to reveal yourself. In our coaching sessions, we’ll work together to discover a way of flourishing that feels at home for your unique personality and needs.

— and you can think of me as your supercharged accountability partner.


Have an inkling that your past experiences are impacting your current reality? Notice that no matter how hard you try to “do it right,” the same themes arise again and again?


  • The self-help section of your bookshelf is overflowing, but you still feel a sense of sadness that you just can’t shake
  • You journal and meditate, but your productivity takes a nosedive once you get that call from your mother (again)
  • You have a sense that you’re destined for more in this life, but you just… can’t… figure out what it is

This is where it’s powerful to have an independent party take a nonjudgmental, inquisitive look at how your past has shaped you, so that you can learn to recognize your patterns – shift them – and then start to design your ideal life.

Since nobody’s had the same life experience as you, I don’t use one-size fits-all techniques. Instead, we’ll work together to find what’s most healing for you as an individual.

Sessions can be held on Skype so you don’t need to leave your home (or your yoga pants) to work with me.

Having trouble knowing which one is right for you?

Just schedule a free, 20-minute consultation via phone or Skype and we’ll decide together what’s best for you: therapy, coaching, or a signature blend. I look forward to connecting with you.