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We are living through some strange times on this planet. A global pandemic, civic unrest, and mounting evidence of a warming climate are all serving as a shake up of sorts – encouraging many of us to shift our priorities and re-evaluate things.

For some, there’s a feeling that something about this is important – that it’s a fertile time to incubate our desires, to plant seeds for the life that’s on the other side of this, to go inward into a chrysalis and to see who we are when we emerge.

If this resonates with you, you might benefit from the community of like minded people, and the support of experts who know how to cultivate meaningful, lasting change.

This small-group, application-based Mastermind program is limited to twelve participants and will run for six months from November 2020 through April 2021.

It’s designed to to support you in upleveling your game – whatever your game is. Whether you’re building a company or a family, are looking for romantic love or better boundaries, this program will help you get clear on your intentions, and help you remove the blocks that are between here and where you want to go.

The program will cover six themes across the six months: Mindfulness, Physical Health, Relationships, Money, Spirituality, and Work.

Each month has a resident expert and the whole program is being led by two seasoned facilitators.

About Us:

Leslie Mastermind Photo

Leslie Carr

Normally when I write a professional bio I focus on the places where I’ve spoken, and where my writing has been featured – but you can read about that elsewhere on this site. Today I’m going to try something new, and tell you about the things I don’t always share publicly:

I’m a lifelong seeker and a full blown personal growth enthusiast. I went to therapy for the first time when I was 10, started meditating when I was 16, and in the years since I’ve done Native American medicine ceremonies and sweat lodges, breath work, Kundalini yoga, sound healing, and family constellations. I’m also a certified reiki practitioner, technically a certified reader of the Akashic records (I don’t give readings, I just took the course for fun), and I have a masters in transformational NLP from NLP Marin. In a nutshell, I’m well-versed in many methods of healing – including quantum approaches to changework. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled to take all of that learning and roll it into one course that’s designed to get you past your blocks and onto the life you deserve.

Nelly Dragnic

Nellie Rodgers

Both personally and professionally, I’m driven to better understand humanity and the narratives we live by and for. As a therapist, I tune into my clients and their stories: the stories they hear about themselves, the stories they tell themselves, the unfulfilled stories they must let go of, and the hope-saturated stories they’re meant to live. My story involves a lifetime pursuit to form deeper connections to self and the greater collective. My mother was a Jungian Analyst, so from an early age I was taught to value and to become keenly aware of my memories, dreams, and reflections.

I believe that the patterns and symbols in our lives draw from energies and formations far beyond our conscious understanding. My quest for meaning through self-exploration has led me on a dynamic life path – one filled with years of Jungian therapy as well as self-discovery experiences ranging from wilderness adventures, yoga and silent meditation retreats, to shedding the patterns of my early conditioning on retreats at the Hoffman Institute. I remain both curious and bold in my search for understanding and achieving grace while living the human experience.

I look forward to working with you in this course to help you create the story that resonates with the life you want to live.

What You’ll Get With This Program:

  1. One ninety-minute group call per week (via Zoom) with facilitated support and small group exercises (starting at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT every Friday with some exceptions during the holiday season).
  2. One subject-matter guest expert per month, according to our six themes.
  3. A community of like-minded people and meaningful connections – carefully curated via the application process.
  4. Individual sessions with Leslie and Nellie (one each) to make sure that you’re getting individual support and guidance. This will be scheduled 1:1 so that it works with your calendar.
  5. A 50-minute Akashic Records reading with Helen Vonderheide (see below) that you will be prepared for in advance so that you’ll know what to expect and can get your questions ready 😉

This program is entirely virtual and it does not have any “homework” apart from the things that you’ll want and need to do to bring your own desires into the world. This program offers support of various kinds as well as accountability for those that benefit from that structure, but your time outside of class will be devoted to driving your dreams forward. We will help you do that.

Similarly, you’ll be encouraged to be in touch with your fellow group participants outside of class time if you choose, but it won’t be required of you. We anticipate lifelong friendships coming from this program but that part is up to you!

The mainstays of this course are ninety-minute weekly group calls (on Fridays at 10am PST), some individual support with the two facilitators, plus an Akashic reading with Helen. All other content will be delivered during the Friday group calls, including the guest expert sessions.

Meet our Guest Experts:

Gina Pell Photo

Gina Pell

Internet media entrepreneur, writer, organizer of women’s community, philanthropist

Helen Vonderheide

Helen Vonderheide

Elite Certified Akashic Records teacher, practitioner, speaker, and mentor.

Leigh Weinraub

Leigh Weinraub

Founder of the lifestyle brand Mind in Motion, pioneer of walk and talk therapy, and an internationally acclaimed speaker who’s committed to helping people win on the court, field, office, and in life.

Barbara Huson Headshot

Barbara Huson

Best selling author, wealth coach, and leading authority on women, wealth, and power.

And more…

This program is $4,097 for the 6 months if you pay in advance, or $950 per month if you pay monthly ($5,700 total).

Applications are due by Friday October 23rd, and notifications will be sent out on Friday October 30th. The program will commence on Friday November 6th. 

Please email us if you have any questions:

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