Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

Happy 2017! I’m kicking off my first post of the new year with something that I’m REALLY excited to share with you – a Skype interview that I did with my good friend Suzannah Scully.

Suzannah is a highly sought-after executive coach and the host of a podcast called The Cosmos in You, where she interviews scientists and experts of various stripes about the nature of consciousness, evidence of life after death, and all sorts of crazy stuff.

I wanted to interview her as part of mutual “coming out” party that she and I are both overdue for.

I never talk about my own sense of spirituality publicly, but truthfully it’s a very deep part of who I am as a person. I love talking to my friend Suzannah because we share something very powerful in common: A sense of spirituality as supported by science. By this I mean that the more I learn about theoretical physics and astronomy, the stronger my belief is that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

This is the longest interview that I’ve ever done, and I think that it’s worth every minute, so go pour yourself a cup of tea or something stronger and settle in for a good conversation between two friends that includes:

• Stories from our personal lives (like uncanny “synchronicities”) that have convinced us that life can be spooky sometimes
• My theory about what I call “Tinkerbell phenomenon,” which is that you have to believe it before you see it
• How to find like-minded souls (if you’re into this sort of thing)
• How to take responsibility for your life without taking on blame (this is big)


I really hope you like it and I’m wishing you a wonderful and amazing 2017. We’re in this together! You ready? Here you go:

Suzannah screencap

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