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I currently offer the following digital course:

How to Live Mindfully in the Digital Age ($50)

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17 unread emails. 8 new texts. A fresh batch of Instagrams to scroll through. The constant digital clutter that crowds your world can leave you stressed out and stretched too thin. For too many of us, the need to stay constantly connected and plugged in is negatively impacting our relationships, our productivity, and our happiness. It’s time for a “digital detox.”

In this online course, which I created in partnership with, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about why you should be more mindful of your relationship with technology, and how you can detach from it on your terms.

This thorough exploration includes 2 hours of streaming video, 5 audio meditation downloads, exercises to help relieve the impact from tech-overuse, tips for establishing boundaries with people who expect you to always be connected, and more.