Consulting Services

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In addition to my one on one clinical work, I advise companies looking to create products, services, and advertisements that take individual and group psychology into account.

My primary areas of expertise are:

  • Mental health
  • Tech addiction
  • Motivation and behavior change
  • Consumer psychology, namely as it applies to women’s needs
Previous clients include:

Case Example:

In the spring of 2018 I worked with Astro Studios on a design research study around habits and behaviors for a major tech client in Silicon Valley. While the details of this project and my contributions are still protected by a non-disclosure agreement, what I’m able to share is that I was consulted for my expertise on the following topics:

Much of what informed my ability to answers these questions is my expertise in addiction, and the information that I gathered in my research for my e-course on tech addiction more specifically.

Please contact me here if you’d like to discuss how I can best support you and your organization.

  1. How humans form new habits and behaviors
  2. Which kinds of behaviors are the easiest to change, which are the hardest, and why
  3. What enables people to change vs what sets them up for “relapse”
  4. What kinds of behaviors people are engaging in now that we didn’t see five-ten years ago as a result of engagement with technology
  5. How we might inspire people to spend less time looking at smartphones and screens in the future