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New Year, New You :) January 2016 Discounts

To celebrate my five year anniversary of being in business (which occurred on January 1, 2016), everything on my site is 50% off for the entire month of January. This means that you can: Learn about how insight can help you to overcome obstacles on your path to personal and professional growth with my eBook, When Change Takes Time – which is $7.50 instead of $15 if you use the promo code fiftyoff….

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A Resolution Revolution

We all know the drill. As one year draws to a close, a new one begins, and with it comes the promise of Radical Transformation. New year? New you! So we scheme and we strive. We make lists. We concoct new patterns of behaviors that will upend everything we ever thought we knew about ourselves. We’ll engage in new hobbies (or so we tell ourselves). Read Proust. Start the gym…

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