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New Year, New You :) January 2016 Discounts

To celebrate my five year anniversary of being in business (which occurred on January 1, 2016), everything on my site is 50% off for the entire month of January. This means that you can: Learn about how insight can help you to overcome obstacles on your path to personal and professional growth with my eBook, When Change Takes Time – which is $7.50 instead of $15 if you use the promo code fiftyoff….

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The increasing need for therapy online

Psychotherapy, while surrounded by many myths and misconceptions, is an incredible tool for personal growth. Not only is this a statement that’s born out by the research, there’s also plenty of anecdotal support for the life changing benefits that therapy can offer – and I personally have gone on record as being not just an enthusiastic practitioner, but a personal advocate as well. Unfortunately, however, many people across the globe…

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