How to Transcend Fear: My interview with Terri Cole

I recently sat down with my friend and colleague, Terri Cole, so that we could talk about FEAR.

Fear is an interesting topic to me, especially as it impacts our ability to move forward and make progress on our goals. As I discuss in the eBook, fears of both failure and success are very real things – and for many people they can be paralyzing.

I was super excited to talk to Terri about this because she’s a bonafide expert on the subject. In addition to being both a licensed therapist and a coach to people who are public figures, Terri has had her own brushes with fear:

She’s a two-time cancer survivor, and – as she discusses in her TEDx Talk “What if fear were just a feeling?” – she’s also been robbed at gun point and lived to tell the tale (yikes!).

The women KNOWS HER STUFF. So click below to watch the video if you want to know:

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