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There will be moments when you’re tested

Times when it’ll feel like the challenges before you are insurmountable. Moments when your faith will falter – and your passion for your goal will be tried. There will be times when it’ll feel like it’s all more than you can handle. But when that happens, remember this: The rewards are given to those who persevere. To the ones who get tough when the tough gets going, to those who…

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Transitioning into Action: Life-hacking Tips for Accomplishing Goals

I recently took a poll in the private group that accompanies my newsletter. I wanted to know where people were struggling and how I could help, and the results were overwhelmingly consistent: People wanted to know how to overcome procrastination, transform “bad” habits, and move into action. 10-4. This post goes out to all of you who are struggling in this department. I have some “life-hacking” tips that I’ll share…

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