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Why Addressing Mental Health Alone Will Never Solve America’s Gun Problem  

Well, none of us saw this coming, did we? That a bunch of high school students would become the super heroes we’ve all been waiting for. The Parkland, Florida school shooting has been so dominant in the news lately that this article can go without a preamble – but I will tell you that it’s been inspiring for me to see the NRA on its heels like never before. It…

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A Few Thoughts on Isla Vista

On Saturday, May 24 (2014), a 22 year-old man drove to the Alpha Phi sorority house at UC Santa Barbara and opened fire, killing two young women and wounding another. By the time he was done that day, he had murdered seven people including himself. In the week or so that’s passed since, there’s been a number of questions in the media about this complex case – whether the event…

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