What Burnout and Postpartum Depression Have in Common

Do you think of burnout and postpartum depression as having something in common? I know I do. We’re not accustomed to hearing those terms lumped together, but so much of what happens when women have postpartum has to do with resource depletion:

We’re tasked with one of the biggest jobs we’ll ever have in our lives (taking care of a new born baby), but we’re simultaneously sleep deprived, drained, and overwhelmed.

Here to talk to you about both of those things is my new friend Lisa Abramson. Lisa is an executive coach and the co-founder of Mindfulness Based Achievement (MBA) – an online course that teaches women how to “lean in” without burning out.

She’s also a mental health advocate and she spoke movingly about her own experiences of postpartum depression after she gave birth to her daughter Lucy in 2014.

Lisa and I recently met because we have a number of friends in common – all of whom were separately trying to put us in touch because they knew we’d hit it off.

They were right, and I’m thrilled to share our interview with you here:

Check this video out if you want to learn more about why:

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