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If You Fall into a Ditch – Don’t Decorate It [video interview]

I have something really special for you here – an interview with my buddy Kirsten Johnson. Kirsten is a life coach, author, and video blogger – and her personal story of recovery is incredibly inspiring. I guarantee that, no matter what you’re going through, Kirsten’s story will show you that human beings are capable of profound, life-altering CHANGE. I’m super excited to share this interview with you. Want the nutshell version?…

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You FEEL What You Eat (My Revitalize 2015 Recap)

I spent the past four days at the second annual Mind Body Green Revitalize conference in Tucson, AZ. It was an incredible event, and I had a front row seat (literally!) where world renowned experts in wellness and integrative medicine were speaking about physical health, emotional health, sex, biohacking, brain science, and beyond. I want to share some of my favorite take-aways with you. Over the course of the past…

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What Your Anxiety Is Really Trying To Tell You

I don’t know about you, but a lot of people today look at anxiety as if it’s this amorphous, inexplicable, physical phenomenon. They view it as an uncomfortable symptom that needs to be treated with medication, or with anything that will make it “go away.” As a psychologist, I prefer to look at it like this: Anxiety is the emotional equivalent of Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction; it’s thoughts…

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Knowing when to turn off the news

Whether we like it or not we live in a time where watching the news appears to be an exercise in anxiety and depression. Regardless of whether it’s local, international, cable, or evening – its producers rarely have something uplifting to report. Missing planes. Mud slides. Climate change. Colony collapse. I can’t remember the last time I watched or read the news and was left feeling optimistic about the future…

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Why It’s OK To Get Upset About “First World Problems”

If you’re like most people, my guess is that – at least some of the time – you feel a little blue or a little anxious. Maybe you feel more than a little that way. Regardless, figuring out the why can be tough, right? Especially when you’re constantly being told to “think positively,” or to stop complaining about your “first world problems.” What you might not know is that those messages may, in fact,…

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