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Why It’s OK To Get Upset About “First World Problems”

If you’re like most people, my guess is that – at least some of the time – you feel a little blue or a little anxious. Maybe you feel more than a little that way. Regardless, figuring out the why can be tough, right? Especially when you’re constantly being told to “think positively,” or to “control your thoughts” so that you can “manifest the best reality” – or to stop complaining about your “first…

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What Your Anxiety Is Really Trying To Tell You

I don’t know about you, but a lot of people today look at anxiety as if it’s this amorphous, inexplicable, physical phenomenon. They view it as an uncomfortable symptom that needs to be treated with medication, or with anything that will make it “go away.” As a psychologist, I prefer to look at it like this: Anxiety is the emotional equivalent of Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction; it’s thoughts…

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