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What Burnout and Postpartum Depression Have in Common

Do you think of burnout and postpartum depression as having something in common? I know I do. We’re not accustomed to hearing those terms lumped together, but so much of what happens when women have postpartum has to do with resource depletion: We’re tasked with one of the biggest jobs we’ll ever have in our lives (taking care of a new born baby), but we’re simultaneously sleep deprived, drained, and…

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Tips for Achieving Success without Burnout (My Interview with Jenn Racioppi)

When I first found out about this woman’s work, I knew I had found a kindred spirit: Jennifer Racioppi is a women’s health and success coach, and her motto is “Success isn’t a Race – it’s a RHYTHM.” I couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂 A few weeks ago we sat down to talk about flow states, self-care, change “taking time,” and how to avoid burn out. You can…

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