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The Season of F***It (video interview – NSFW)

OK, so maybe “Not Safe For Work” is a bit of a stretch, but Jamie Greenwood – the subject of my newest interview – is a brassy broad and she curses a lot in this video 😉 It’s pretty funny, so earmuff any minors that might be in your immediate vicinity and give it a watch: We cover a lot of great material in this video (if I do…

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A novel approach for helping the homeless: My video interview with Doniece Sandoval of Lava Mae

Every once in a while something captures our attention, and we want to tell the world about it. Today is one of those days for me. As a longtime resident of San Francisco, I know too well that Silicon Valley can be simultaneously admired for its ingenuity, and reviled for its inability to use its creative and economic resources to help those who need it most. An organization has come…

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How to Transcend Fear: My interview with Terri Cole

I recently sat down with my friend and colleague, Terri Cole, so that we could talk about FEAR. Fear is an interesting topic to me, especially as it impacts our ability to move forward and make progress on our goals. As I discuss in the eBook, fears of both failure and success are very real things – and for many people they can be paralyzing. I was super excited to…

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